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On Becoming Baby Wise by Dr. Robert Bucknam – Worked Great With My Twins!

August 1, 2011
On Becoming Baby Wise by Dr. Robert Bucknam

Theologian Gary Ezzo and pediatrician Dr. Robert Bucknam set off cries of alarm in their highly controversial 1995 publication On Becoming Baby Wise by arguing that some crying is natural and healthy for babies. In this updated edition, Ezzo and Bucknam present a comprehensive method to encourage a full nights sleep for the seven- to nine-week-old baby. Its easy to read, easy to follow, supported by research and by testimonials from parents and pediatricians, and includes suggestions for making the process fit into the readers lifestyle. The authors believe a consistent sleep routine leads to happier, more responsible, and better-adjusted children. But a full nights sleep is just the short-term goal. The long-term goal is training parents to bring order and stability to their families through nurturing the marriage, providing a loving structure for ones children, and allowing flexibility in the process.

Twelve chapters cover feeding philosophies, monitoring babys growth, establishing babys routine, handling multiple births, and the ever-controversial chapter on when baby cries. The 52-week method involves four phases, beginning with Stabilization from birth to week 8. During weeks 9 through 15 (Extended Night), babies learn to sleep through the night. Ezzo and Bucknam attempt to teach the difference between a babys many cries and advise parents on various responses to these cries. Critics dislike Ezzos strong belief that child-centered parenting (feeding baby whenever it cries, sleeping with and wearing baby) fosters demanding, insecure toddlers. But for parents who are tired of being tired–or whose previous experience with child-centered parenting supports Ezzos theory–it may be worth a read. –Liane Thomas

Worked Great With My Twins!
After reading some of the negative reviews I had to share my opinion. This program, while at first glance may sound strict, has made motherhood a great experience. Several mothers I know suggested this program and they swear by it, as do i. My 10 week old is sleeping 9-10 hours at night and naps regularly after each meal. His awake time is great and he is happy! I can lay him down while he is wide awake and he falls asleep on his own. He can sleep anywhere…not just in a swing, not just in his crib, not just in a bouncy seat, and more importantly…never with me and my husband 🙂 he had signs of colic early on, but I think it has been subdued because of the schedule. My advice to moms is take EVERYTHING you read with a grain of salt. No human is predictable, but we are all conditioned by schedules (whether some would like to admit that or not). and a schedule, if anything, will help a new mom feel better and in turn be a better mom. I know exactly when I can shower, do the dishes, run to the store, eat lunch, fix dinner, and spend time with my husband alone. It has made all the difference for us, and I suggest all moms to give it a try. Be flexible and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get it perfect all the time everyday. That’s impossible. But the book describes a great goal to strive for.

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