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Jane Eyre (Simple English) by Charlotte Bronte – Romance For The Ages

August 15, 2011

As an orphan, Jane Eyre is far from happy. She endures the hatred of her aunt and cousins, but finally begins to find some pleasure as a teacher. When she becomes a governess working for Mr Rochester, Jane hopes she might at last have found love and kindness.

Still A Favorite After All These Years
Published in 1847 under the pseudonym Currier Bell, Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre has definitely become a timeless classic. Even now, over 150 years after its debut, Jane Eyres popularity amongst scholars and avid readers has not wavered. However, nowadays, its use of old language and portrayal of a time long past has made it less appealing to the general public.

Jane Eyre, the protagonist of the story, is an orphan cared by her aunt, whose whole family views her as an onerous responsibility pushed upon them at her uncles deathbed. After a few incidents with her taunting cousins, Jane is shipped off to Lowood, a school run by a hypocritical minister. Despite the hardships she had to endure at Lowood, Jane graduates and eventually leaves Lowood to become a governess. At Thornhill, she meets and falls in love with her master, the cold and mysterious Mr. Rochester. However, when it seems that happiness is finally within reach, Jane discovers Mr. Rochesters dark secret that puts a halt to their relationship. But of course, due to her high morals and strong determination to stick to them, all ends well for Jane and Mr. Rochester.

While this piece is a story of finding love and happiness, Bronte utilizes Janes experiences (which are based partly off her experiences in school and as a governess) to criticize the inferiority with which women were viewed at the time. Although Jane is more educated, well-mannered, and morally superior to her master, her status is still considered far beneath his. The Rivers sisters is also representation of how Bronte feels women should be: poised, knowledgeable, and talented.

It is no wonder that Charlotte Bronte is known for her ability to make characters and situations come alive. Brontes vivid and lively narration makes Jane a loveable and relatable character. Through the details of her narration and the fitting syntax structure, her readers are able to clearly grasp the struggles, decisions, and dilemmas that Jane faces constantly. When Jane fought hunger and the cold at Lowood, when she choose to leave behind her ticket to happiness, when she came into inheritance at the Riverss home and returned to Thornhill, Bronte took us with her. The imagery is also plenty and a great aid in visualizing the setting, especially the mysterious Thornhill.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jane Eyre. Maybe it is because I am just a sucker for romances or maybe it is because I generally love historical fiction, but I did not agree with my peers when they said that the story was boring. I admit, the plot does become a bit dragged on at some points, like Janes time at Lowood and her stay with the Rivers. Overall though, I still say that Jane Eyre is definitely one of my more favorite ones that I read last year.

If you dont mind historical fiction and can get your head around the archaic diction, then I highly recommend Jane Eyre. Especially if you are a sucker for romances like me.

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