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The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7) by Stephen King – Good Finish To A Weird Tale!

August 21, 2011
The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7) by Stephen King

At one point in this final book of the Dark Tower series, the character Stephen King (added to the plot in Song of Susannah) looks back at the preceding pages and says when this last book is published, the readers are going to be just wild. And hes not kidding.

After a journey through seven books and over 20 years, Kings Constant Readers finally have the conclusion theyve been both eagerly awaiting and silently dreading. The tension in the Dark Tower series has built steadily from the beginning and, like in the best of Kings novels, explodes into a violent, heart-tugging climax as Roland and his ka-tet finally near their goal. The body count in The Dark Tower is high. The gunslingers come out shooting and face a host of enemies, including low men, mutants, vampires, Rolands hideous quasi-offspring Mordred, and the fearsome Crimson King himself. King pushes the gross-out factor at times–Rolands lesson on tanning (no, not sun tanning) is brutal–but the magic of the series remains strong and readers will feel the pull of the Tower as strongly as ever as the story draws to a close. During this sentimental journey, King ties up loose ends left hanging from the 15 non-series novels and stories that are deeply entwined in the fabric of Mid-World through characters like Randall Flagg (The Stand and others) or Father Callahan (Salems Lot). When it finally arrives, the long awaited conclusion will leave Kings myriad fans satisfied but wishing there were still more to come.

In Kings memoir On Writing, he tells of an old woman who wrote him after reading the early books in the Dark Tower series. She was dying, she said, and didnt expect to see the end of Rolands quest. Could King tell her? Does he reach the Tower? Does he save it? Sadly, King said he did not know himself, that the story was creating itself as it went along. Wherever that woman is now (the clearing at the end of the path, perhaps?), lets hope she has a copy of The Dark Tower. Surely she would agree its been worth the wait. –Benjamin Reese

Good Finish To A Weird Tale!
This is a must read if you are a fan of the Dark Tower series. If not I feel sorry for you. Or maybe I should feel sorry for myself, you still can start from the beginning and enjoy this wondrous trip. I do want to comment on some of the previous comments, many people are missing a key point. Some of the less satisfying plot resolutions make sense as they are written since the epic quest is to save a world gone ‘kinky’. Weird things happen in a weird world, and when the world accelerates, so does the weirdness. All in all, I was happy with the book and think it fits nicely at the end of the series.

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The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7) by Stephen King


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